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Download the New 2018 Hireko Golf Equipment Catalog!Download 2018 Hireko Golf Catalog


• New innovative Orlimar V18 adjustable driver featuring never-before seen D.I.A.L technology.
• Re-launch of the Orlimar TriMetal fairway wood and hybrids, continuing the thin-faced revolution.
• New Powerbilt TPS Cooler bags so your brewskis will stay cooler longer.
• New Intech #2 putter that is so funny it will make you crap your drawers.
• New Power Play Juggernaut iron – our thinnest faced and hottest iron ever.
• New colors in the Bionik 100 and 700 series putters with an innovative paint.
• Largest selection of OEM Shafts and Grips in the industry!
• Tons of new accessories!



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